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Prizma is available now for Mac, PC and Android devices.

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Prizma is series of meditative puzzles exploring colour and shape. 



Download it here


RAI is Coming To the curious cabinets exhibit june 9th!


Rai is a series of puzzles in which the player creates intricate lattice structures and colourful patterns while navigating increasingly complex frameworks. It's being included in the Curious Cabinets Exhibition put on by the Hand-Eye Society, where it will be retrofit into an old arcade cabinet. 

The exhibit will be on for a month at Electric Perfume, and Launches July 9th. More info here



Carlo What Do You Dream

Mythical Voltage was pleased to animate the music video for this track from James Irwin's album Shabbytown. Thanks to Duff Smith for editing and Sarah Pupo for contributing artwork.


3D Modelling

Some examples of my 3D modelling work



Chrome pistol with a marble handle. This was developed for a first year Lab at George Brown's Game Development program. 



A wooden cart I developed for a work in progress

Beretta Side View.png
Beretta 3:4 View.png


Developed for my first year modelling class at George Brown's Game Development program, these images show the topology I created for a Beretta handgun. 


Carlo What Do You Dream

This is a music video I made for Toronto musician James Irwin. I produced all the models and animations used in the video.

Exterior Shot.png
Indoor Shot.png

Mythical Voltage 

is a small game development company based in Toronto, Ontario.